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Looking for a fully climate controlled, self storage facility near you in Halifax? At Storage Inn, we take pride in providing an unparalleled experience for customers who are looking to either de-clutter their house, protect items during home renovations or store away important paperwork. Conveniently located near you in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we serve clients from all over HRM. We strive to continuously deliver exemplary customer service and professional storage services that best suit each of our customer's unique needs. Upon entering our storage facility, our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions you have and to assist in finding the right size storage unit. The proper payment option can also be selected based on your specific needs. We're proud to offer a well-lit and gated self storage facility, which features individually alarmed units for your peace of mind when leaving your valuables in our care. All our units are climate controlled to keep your property in the best of shape.


There are many different reasons you may need a self storage unit. You may well ask, "Is Storage Inn right for me?" Below are some of the most common reasons why people seek self-storage:

De-cluttering – It is amazing how much stress can be relieved by having clear and open space. You may want to de-clutter your home but not want to get rid of precious belongings. Storage Inn has storage units as small as 5 X 5 at affordable prices, perfect for storing your valuable belongings. Well situated in North End Halifax, they are always near by.

Down-sizing – Maybe your children have moved out and you find that your home is too large of a living space but you have too much stuff to move into a smaller home. Use storage as a means of putting aside what is not necessary for your everyday life but keeping it near by, easy to access and available at any time. Self-storage makes downsizing possible. Of course you want to make sure your things are near you, for easy access. That's why our location on the Halifax peninsula is so convenient!

Renovations – With storage terms as short as 4 weeks and very little notice needed for vacating, we offer a simple solution if you are remodeling or redecorating. We can store your goods and keep them safe while you work on your home or office, but near enough to be convenient. As a bonus, after the initial 4 weeks we prorate to the day to ensure you only pay for the time you need to store with us.

Paperwork – Most businesses are required to keep files for many years and they can certainly take up valuable space in the office. Use Storage Inn to store these documents and free up space for business in the office.

Hobbies – Many hobbies like skiing, snowboarding, fishing, surfing and mountain biking have large pieces of equipment. Use Storage Inn to store your equipment in the off-season or between use, yet always near at hand. You don't need to let your hobbies take over your home! The next time you need to store your valuables, come see us at Storage Inn. There's no need to search Google for "storage units near me"...come and pay us a visit! We are HRM Halifax's storage professionals that offer the latest in climate controlled, secure technology and self storage design, always near you for your convenience.


Need to find a self storage facility near you in HRM? Well situated in North End Halifax, Storage Inn takes pride in offering the latest in technology and self-storage design. Our facility has a security gate surrounding the premises to ensure only existing customers have access to the building. After office hours, the gate can only be opened by using a personalized and secure access code. We have a weather protected loading bay where you can easily unload your belongings without worrying about them being damaged by Nova Scotia's inclement weather.


  • · With our wide access aisles, we think you'll find maneuvering large items isn't a worry and with dollies and loading carts provided for your use free of charge, you can be sure you will move in with ease.
  • · Numerous DVR video surveillance cameras are located throughout the facility and each of our self storage units is individually alarmed to provide an extra measure of security.
  • · The interior of our facility was constructed with specially coated steel and concrete to keep the facility clean and safe for storage.
  • · All of our storage units have roll up doors for easiest access.


Conveniently located in North End Halifax, our self storage facility is specifically designed to protect your valuable belongings from the fluctuations of our Halifax weather. We are equipped with heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers that work together to maintain a consistent relative humidity and temperature within the building. A facility with computerized climate control is important because it ensures your belongings don't get too hot, too cold or are exposed to too much, or too little moisture. For example, the glue within furniture is highly susceptible to changes in temperature. If it gets too hot or too cold this glue will expand and contract. As a result, you'll find this will loosen the joints and cause damage to your furniture (this is especially important with antique belongings). If the relative humidity (RH) is too high your belongings will retain moisture creating an environment for potential mold growth.


Storage Inn offers the best in 24-hour, seven days a week secure self storage units. Once you have become a customer at Storage Inn you can enter the facility and gain access to your climate controlled, self storage unit at any time, seven days a week. After regular business hours, your personalized secure access code will allow you entrance through the gate, into the building and deactivate the alarm on your unit. You can move, sort or store your goods on your time, when it is most convenient for you. Located in Halifax and available 24 hours a day, everyday, we have a weather protected loading bay that you can drive your car right under as well as a truck bay for moving trucks etc. We can accommodate moving trucks up 53 feet long (depending on cab size).


You might be surprised to know that your Homeowners or Tenants insurance policy may only provide limited coverage on your property while in storage. In fact, most policies only provide covered for 30 days if at all. Though we are confident in our building and our security, there are some things we can't control. For those "just in case" moments and to protect the value of your items, we gladly offer insurance coverage. Get $5,000 coverage for the first two 28 day periods. After that you are billed $5.04 every 28 days.


  • · Fire, smoke, explosion
  • · Windstorm, hail, cyclone, tornado, hurricane
  • · Impact by vehicle, aircraft or falling objects
  • · Theft, vandalism
  • · Weight of ice or collapse of building
  • · Water damage by breakage of pipes or sewer backup
  • · And every risk not excluded


Storage Inn's secure, self storage unit facility in Halifax offers many features that not only ensure the safety of our customers but also offer peace of mind to know their belongings are left in the best of care. Our security features include 64 video surveillance cameras, a well-lit gated facility, individually alarmed storage units, metal partitioned storage units and a state-of-the-art fire prevention system.


Storage Inn is located right in Halifax, and our security system provides monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each person will receive a personalized access code that will allow him or her entry in through the gate and into the building. By entering this code, the alarm on their unit only is deactivated. This ensures that no one, even after they enter the building, can open any space that is not their own without sounding the alarm. Our computerized access system gives us up-to-date information about who has entered the building, how long they stayed and what doors they opened.


  • · 24-Hour Video Surveillance: Storage facilities aren't truly secure if it isn't 24/7. We have the newest in digital security, with a fully monitored alarm system featuring 64 video surveillance cameras throughout the building. With round the clock surveillance, we can monitor the safety of your belongings at all times.
  • · Computerized Access Code: At Storage Inn, you'll receive an personalized 24-hour access code that will disarm your storage unit door alarm. You control who has access to your unit by who you choose to share your code with.
  • · Individually Alarmed Storage Units: Each unit is set with an individual alarm and is individually monitored. The alarm system is similar to one that you would find in your home. Our units are also fabricated with metal partitions and burglar bars as added protection from theft.
  • · Fire Prevention System: We have a state-of-the-art sprinkler system at our facility as a preventative measure.
  • · Security Lighting: Our facility is well-lit and is located in a residential area. With motion controlled lighting both in our hallways and inside every unit, you'll find that you will feel safe even when you enter the facility after dark.