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  • I don't know how much space I need, what can you suggest?

    Here is an idea of what you can usually store in each size.

    • 5X5 – Boxes, odds and ends, small furniture

    • 5X10 – Small one bedroom apartment

    • 5X15 – Small two bedroom/large one bedroom apartment

    • 10X10 – Average two bedroom apartment

    • 10X15 – Two bedroom house/ 3 bedroom apartment

    • 10X20 – Small 3 bedroom house

    • 10X25 – 3 or four bedroom house

  • How does your security system work?

    We have 64 video surveillance cameras at our facility as well as motion detectors and alarmed units and doors. Our security system is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each person who rents a space from us has a personalized secure access code that will allow him or her entry in through the gate (after office hours) and into the building. By entering this code, the alarm on their unit only is deactivated. This ensures that no one, even after they enter the building, can open any space that is not their own without sounding the alarm. Our computerized access system gives us up to date information about who has entered the building, how long they stayed and what doors they opened.

  • Why is a computerized, climate-controlled facility important when I am storing my belongings?

    A computerized, climate controlled storage facility is important because it ensures your belongings don't get too hot, too cold or are exposed to too much, or too little moisture. For example the glue within furniture is highly susceptible to changes in temperature. If it gets too hot or too cold this glue will expand and contract loosening joints and causing damage to your furniture (this is especially important with antique belongings). If the relative humidity (RH) is too high, you'll find your belongings will retain moisture creating an environment for potential mold growth.

    Computerized climate control here at Storage Inn means your goods will be stored in an environment where heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers and de-humidifiers will work together to maintain a consistent temperature and relative humidity in the building. We have designed our system to protect your goods in every way possible.

  • What is meant by 24-hour access?

    It means just that! Once you have become a Storage Inn customer and have your personalized secure access code you can enter the facility and your storage unit at any time. You simply enter your pass code at the gate [when closed after business hours] and before entering the facility this will open the door and deactivate the alarm on your unit. We're sure you will find our facility the ultimate in convenience!

  • Are there any hidden fees, deposits or administrative fees?

    Absolutely not! You are required to provide your own lock, which you can purchase here at the office or anywhere you choose. You have the option of purchasing insurance through us but there are no other costs associated with storing with us.

  • Do I have to sign a long-term lease?

    No. All you have to do is commit to a minimum of four-weeks stay and pay for those four weeks up front. After that your lease will be automatically renewed every 4 weeks, for your convenience, until you let us know you are ready to move-out. Once you vacate your unit we will prorate your rent right to the DAY and send you a cheque for the time you didn't use. You'll only pay for the time that you store with us here at Storage Inn.

  • How can I pay for my storage space?

    We accept cash, debit, credit cards and cheques and for your convenience we recommend pre-authorized credit card payments, post dated cheques or electronic funds transfer (direct from your bank account). With these methods you don't have to worry about coming in to pay for your lease each month. Know exactly how long you will be staying with us? We can charge you the full amount up-front right down to the day you will be moving out.

  • Why use self-storage?

    There are many different reasons you may need a storage space. Below are some of the most common reasons why people seek self-storage:

    De-cluttering – It is amazing how much stress can be relieved by having clear and open space. You may want to de-clutter your home but not want to get rid of precious belongings. Storage Inn has space as small as 5 X 5 at affordable prices, perfect for storing your valuable belongings.

    Down-sizing – Maybe your children have moved out and you find that your home is too large of a living space but you have too much stuff to move into a smaller home. Use our storage facility as a means of putting aside what is not necessary for your everyday life but keeping it easy to access and available at any time. Self-storage makes downsizing possible.

    Renovations – With storage terms as short as 4 weeks and very little notice needed for vacating, we offer a simple solution if you are remodeling or redecorating. We can store your goods and keep them safe while you work on your home or office. As a bonus, after the initial 4 weeks we prorate to the day to ensure you only pay for the time you need to store with us.

    Paperwork – Most businesses are required to keep files for many years and they can certainly take up valuable space in the office. Use Storage Inn to store these documents and free up space for business in the office.

    Hobbies – Many hobbies like skiing, snowboarding, fishing, surfing and mountain biking have large pieces of equipment. Use Storage Inn's facility to store your equipment on the off-season or between use. You don't need to let your hobbies take over your home… your things are out of the way, yet near enough to be convenient!